The Transfer Station container for bulky rigid plastics is here

The Town of Charlemont has been collecting rigid plastics in anticipation for a new recycling container.  It's finally arrived!  The following is a list of items we accept:

toys (no batteries, wood or wires), playhouses and swimming pools, large buckets (larger than 5-gallon in size), milk/ soda crates, landscape items (edging, trays, etc.), laundry baskets, lawn furniture, closet organizers, dish drainers, tote boxes and lids, drums (food grade ONLY, NO chemical containers), pet carriers, flower pots and trays (clean, no soil or plant material), large water bottles (5-gallon or larger), garbge cans/ waste baskets, recycling bins, shelving, trays, automotive parts (plastic bed liners, bumpers, grills and hubcaps), pallets, traffic signs, composite lumber products, PVC and PET blister packs, clothes hangers.  NOTHING LONGER THAN 4 FEET IN ANY DIRECTION!!!

Note: All rigid plastic items for recycling should be empty, rinsed if needed, and free of loose soil, dirt, excessive liquids etc.

Unacceptable Plastics: Polystyrene or Styrofoam plastics (marked PS #6), PVC pipe/tubing, toolboxes, tires, vinyl fencing/siding, medical waste, motor oil containers, plastics containing or contaminated by chemicals or haazardous waste, film (shopping or grocery bags, stretch film), pesticide/herbicide containers, garden hoses