Animal Control Officer

FOR COMPLAINTS OR TO REPORT AN ISSUE: CALL (413) 834-2951 or (413) 625-8200

Staff/ Members

Ed Grinell
Appoionted Annually



(413) 834-2951

Mailing Address

Town of Charlemont
157 Main Street
Charlemont, MA 01339


The Animal Control Officer (ACO) is appointed by the Select Board on an annual basis and authorized to enforce MGLChapter 140 Section 136A to 174E.  The ACO works with the Animal Inspector, Board of Healt, Town Clerk, Select Board, Law Enforcement officials, Local Animal Shelter(s), veterinarians and other applicable resources in the town-wide efforts to:

  • protect public health
  • protect publis safety
  • enforce state and local animal control laws
  • promote the proection of pets and people by compassionatley using the tools of education and enforcemnt, and
  • collaborate and cooperate with various related animal control and law enforcement reources.

The ACO is authorized to give warnings and ticketrs when violations occur and to eductae violators to prevent or reduce the possibility of further violations.  Atendance in court by ACO's is expected.  The ACO must act with preofesionalism and respect for animals and people.

Assures compliance with MGL Chapter 140 Section 136A-174E inclusive and reports to Select Board. as appropriate.

Serves as liaison to couty kennel ad regional animal control support.

Plans, researches, recommends, and impliments animal control policies and procedures as directed by the Select Board.

Maintains familiarity with applicable state laws and requreiements; informs the Select Board as changes occur.


Office Hours

FOR COMPLAINTS OR TO REPORT AN ISSUE: CALL (413) 834-2951 or (413) 625-8200.  The Animal Control Officer is available by phone or email 24 hours a day; to contact  by phone call (413) 834-2951 or by email  For emergencies please contact Shelburne Control to reach the Animal Control Officer, (413) 625-8200.