Charlemont Sewer Commission

Staff/ Members

Dawn Peters and Kurt Boisjolie




Mailing Address

Charlemont Sewer Commission
PO Box 137
Charlemont, MA 01339

Office Location

Charlemont Sewer District
20 Factory Road
Charlemont, MA


The Charlemont Sewer District serves all the properties within the district.  Governing policies and procedures for the service were established by the state in the founding legislation.

Sewer bills are mailed quarterly.      

Meeting Schedule

1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Charlemont Sewer District Plant Offices.

All are welcome, although we ask that you notify the operator that you will be attending. 

Additional Information

Established in 1981 by Act 266 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Charlemont Sewer District is a separate municipality created to serve a defined area of property within town of Charlemont.  For specific boundaries and property served please contact the District Operator.  The district is governed by a board of commissioners.  Commissioners are elected by the district members and must live and own property within the district.  Members of the district must own property and live within the district limits.  


James Williams

Rachel Porter

Joe Pelligrino