Flag Committee

Staff/ Members

Jerry Dupree
Term ends 2018
Dominic Capozzi
Term ends 2018
Term ends 2018


Mailing Address

Charlemont, MA 01339


The purpose of this committee and its charge is to maintain, raise money, purchase & replace flags & bunting as needed and to install those along Main Street, the Town Hall & The Fairgrounds for the sole purpose of community and patriotism. It shall be the committee’s responsibility to determine the schedule in which it will decide when the flags shall be flown. The following dates: Memorial Day weekend, Flag Day; Fourth of July weekend; Labor Day weekend; Veterans Day, should be the base for which flags are to be flown and any other time deemed appropriate by the Flag Committee. We ask that the Charlemont Flag Committee report to the Park & Recreation Commissioners the status of their work twice yearly. Park & Recreation Committee intends to fully support the Flag Committee and its work. The Charlemont Flag Committee shall be made up of 5 members. (1) Chairperson (1) Secretary (1) Treasurer (1) Member Park & Rec. Any voting shall be by majority vote, with a quorum of no less than 3 members. Members are appointed by Board of Selectman and shall be re-appointed yearly on the last month of the fiscal year.

Flags are available to be purchased for $30.00 and donated back to the Town for which a certificate will be issued in memory of a loved one. Please contact the person below by phone or email. We will also be providing a service to the community, anyone having a distressed Flag may have it properly disposed of by the committee for a nominal donation.

Additional Information

Anyone wishing to join please contact one of the members


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